Who will actually perform the legal work on my case?

My law practice concentrates on a relatively small number of cases in order to give individual attention to all of my cases. I personally perform all legal work on all of my cases.

Who will appear with me in court?

I will personally appear with you in court on all court dates. Because I operate as a sole practitioner, your case will never be assigned to a junior attorney.

How do you determine the amount of your legal fees?

The type of case typically determines the fees charged by my law firm.
Criminal cases are always handled on a flat fee basis so you will know the total amount charged with certainty. Civil and criminal appeals are usually handled on a flat fee basis as well, but you can request an hourly rate. Civil litigation is typically handled at an hourly rate, though some types of cases are handled on contingencies, such as personal injury cases.

Do you require the payment of a retainer for your services?

Cases handled on a contingent fee basis do not require the payment of a retainer, but typically require a deposit into my trust account for the payment of expenses. Other types of cases require the payment of a retainer before work begins on your case.

Do you accept credit cards as payment for legal fees?

Sorry, but I do not accept credit cards. However, credit cards normally
allow you to obtain a cash advance that you can use for payment of fees.

How successful are you in representing your clients?

Lawyers are not permitted to guarantee the results of their representation to their clients. Success or failure in any particular case depends in large part on the facts of the dispute. The most important ingredients that your lawyer can bring to your representation are extensive legal knowledge and intensive work on your case. I will always provide you with these benefits of individual representation.