Civil and Criminal Appeals

Since 1978, I have filed briefs in over 200 civil and criminal cases in the Supreme Court of Illinois, the federal appellate court in Chicago, and the Appellate Court of Illinois. The legal issues addressed in these briefs cover a wide variety of topics. In the civil arena, I have dealt with cases involving contracts, mechanic's liens, real estate, injunctions, banking, personal injury, civil rights and insurance. In the criminal field, I have addressed the most varied topics in cases ranging from misdemeanors to first degree murder. The legal questions concerned constitutionality of statutes, double jeopardy, suppression of evidence, jury instructions, statutory interpretation, evidentiary rulings, and the sufficiency of evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Over 60 of the cases in which I appeared in the reviewing courts of Illinois have been resolved by published opinions. (See my list of published appeals)

Supreme Court of Illinois

I have filed briefs and orally argued in four cases in the Supreme Court of
Illinois, one on behalf of the prosecution and three for the defense. (See my list of published appeals)

Oral Arguments

In addition to my cases in the Supreme Court, I have handled appeals in
all five of the districts of the Appellate Court and argued cases in four of those districts.

Reversal of Criminal Convictions Due to Insufficient Evidence

One of the most difficult tasks in criminal appeals is convincing a
reviewing court that the evidence did not suffice to convict the defendant. I have accomplished this result for defendants in five criminal and juvenile cases.

Bar Association Activities

I served as the Chairman of the Kane County Bar Association Appellate Law Committee from 2006 to 2008 and occupied the position of Editor-in-Chief of the bar association monthly publication known as Bar Briefs during the last half of 2013. I also participate in presenting seminars to local attorneys on appellate law topics. I am a current member of the DeKalb County, DuPage County, Kane County, and Kendall County Bar Associations.

Employment History

My first employment upon being licensed to practice law in Illinois required
preparation of briefs and presentation of court arguments for the State of Illinois.
Over the first three years of my career, I represented the prosecution in
approximately 100 criminal and juvenile cases. After entering private practice in 1987, I continued representing clients in their appeals. From 1996 to the present, the State Appellate Defender has hired me to assist with preparing appeals for indigent criminal defendants. I have filed over 100 appeals in civil and criminal cases since entering private practice. My employment history is summarized below:

(1) State's Attorney's Appellate Service
November 1978 - December 1981

Representation of the prosecution in approximately 100 criminal and
juvenile cases in the Appellate Court and the Supreme Court of Illinois.

(2) Privately retained counsel
Law Office of Larry Wechter

Representation of individual clients in criminal and civil appeals, including individual and corporate clients insured by Chicago Title Insurance Co.

(3) Panel Attorney
State Appellate Defender & Criminal Justice Information Authority
1996 to date

Representation of indigent defendants in over 50 direct appeals of criminal
convictions to the Appellate Court and the Supreme Court of Illinois.