Undergraduate Education
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan
College of Liberal Arts
Graduated Spring 1975
Bachelor of Arts Degree
History Honors Program
Legal Education
University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa
College of Law
Graduated Spring 1978
Juris Doctor Degree



January 1987 to Date

Law Office of Larry Wechter inaugurated August 1996
Batavia & Geneva, Illinois

Practice concentrated in criminal defense, personal injury, civil litigation,
civil and criminal appeals, and collection of debts.

Significant cases:

(1) Gorecki v. McCoy, Kane County General Number 04 MR 33

I represented the Kane County State's Attorney in her efforts to prevent
her ouster from office during the suspension of her license to practice law.

(2) People v. Timothy Clark, Kane County General Number 01 CF 3217

The jury acquitted my client in April 2002 of the offense of aggravated
discharge of a firearm following an armed stand-off with police.

(3) People v. Greenwood, Kane County General Number 91 CF 1577

My representation of the accused in a capital murder case succeeded in
reducing the charge to attempted armed robbery.

(4) Fetzer v. Wood, 211 Ill.App.3d 70 (2nd Dist., 1991)

My appellate representation resulted in reversal of an adverse verdict
entered against my clients in a medical malpractice case and the award of
a new trial.


November 1978 - December 1981
Staff Attorney
Springfield & Elgin, Illinois
State's Attorney's Appellate Service Commission
(now named State's Attorney's Appellate Prosecutor)

I represented the People of the State of Illinois in approximately 100
criminal and juvenile cases in the Appellate Court and the Supreme Court
of Illinois.

December 1981 - January 1987
Assistant State's Attorney
Geneva (Kane County), Illinois
Juvenile Division (1981 - 1983)
Felony Division (1981 - 1987)

I represented the People of the State of Illinois in felony prosecutions,
probation violations, and juvenile delinquency, abuse and neglect cases.
I tried approximately 65 felony cases to verdict.

Significant cases:

(1) People v. Foster, 99 Ill.2d 48 (Ill. 1983)

My prosecution of the defendant resulted in a sentence of death for the
murder of a woman in the course of a sexual assault. The Supreme Court
of Illinois affirmed the conviction and sentence.

(2) People v. Cox, 82 Ill.2d 268 (Ill. 1980)

My representation of the State resulted in the reversal of an opinion of the
Appellate Court. I persuaded the Supreme Court that an Illinois statute
was unconstitutional by purporting to alter the standard of appellate review
of sentences in criminal cases.


Beginning in 1996, the State Appellate Defender hired me to represent
indigent defendants in direct appeals of their criminal convictions to the
Appellate Court and the Supreme Court of Illinois.

Significant case:

People v. Hagberg, 192 Ill.2d 29 (2000)

I convinced the Supreme Court to reverse a drug conviction due to the
insufficiency of the proof that a white powder contained cocaine.

I worked for the Capital Litigation Division of the State Appellate Defender
to represent Geno Macri in DuPage County General Number 93 CF 1879
in post-conviction proceedings following imposition of a sentence of death.
Mr. Macri's sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 2003.



  Aurora University
Aurora, Illinois
Adjunct Professor
Criminal Justice
Fall 2002
North Central College
Naperville, Illinois
Visiting Lecturer
American Government
Winter 2003


I have presented seminars to other attorneys in Kane, DuPage and McHenry counties on the following topics:

Finality in Criminal Cases
Offers of Proof at Trial
Preserving the Right to Appeal
Perfecting the Record on Appeal
Motions in the Reviewing Courts of Illinois
Practical Tips for Appeals
Pre-Briefing Tasks in the Reviewing Courts of Illinois
Appellate Brief Writing